Yorkshire’s Epic Gatherings of Viking, Folk, Black, Death & Doom Metal

Warhorns is a bi-yearly independent Viking-themed underground festival that specializes mostly in folk, black and melodic death metal. We are open to other genres, including traditional, doom, power metal and acoustic/traditional music acts, and weird stuff -- in fact, the weirder the better. Our preference is to book bands that rarely or never play the UK, though we also like to give underground newcomers the opportunity to play at our events. If you are interested in performing at one of our festivals, feel free to contact us for more information.

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Warhorns Festival is taking place on the 5/6/7th September

and is a great way to end the festival season.

The Venue

The new venue for Warhorns Festival is Pealie’s Barn which is situated in the beautiful North Yorkshire Countryside.

Cockleberry Farm East Cowton

Northallerton, North Yorkshire



Pealie’s Barn offers onsite camping. This is not your typical festival camping, it is a proper camping area and you don’t have to walk miles to your car,. Usual camping rules apply. No open fires (BBQs), no glass bottles (The venue does have its own Off License on site) and a strict 1am noise curfew. Both the campsite and venue are monitored by 24-hr security. Furthermore, we expect everyone to tidy up after themselves.

Balls of Steel

We enjoyed working with HME so much we’ve decided to do another combined themed event.This time we’re going a little bit more down the traditional heavy metal route, although of course there are some more typical Warhornesque bands on the bill to placate our stalwarts :-)


On the 2nd December 2023 we teamed up with our allies Heavy Metal Entertainment and put on an evening of Viking entertainment @Venue 23 in the city of Wakefield.

Vikings II

This event was so well received that we’ve decided to return to Venue 23 in Wakefield and do it all again on the 7th December.


All our tickets are sold via our bigcartel store. These are mostly E-Tickets and you’ll need a copy of your paypal receipt to collect your wristband and gain entry.

Furthermore, camping tickets have to be purchased separately (also via our bigcartel), as we simply sell them on behalf of Drax to make things easier.

Frequently asked questions regarding tickets:

Can I bring my dog? Yes - dogs are welcome on the camping field and in the outside seated areas, however, they must be kept under control at all times.

Can I bring my kid? Yes - There are no age restrictions. Under 18s must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Under 14s get in for free but must be accompanied by a paying adult (1 Adult to 2 under 14s)


Warhorns is a very friendly festival and welcomes everyone. We have many people who have attended for the first time as a loner and made friends for life.

Feel free to join our facebook group and see what we are all about.

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Warhorns History

As of May 2024 Warhorns has put on 16 festivals featuring 169 bands from the following countries: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, England, France, Egypt, Finland, Germany, Greece, India, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Malta, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland, USA & Wales.

The following bands have previously performed at a Warhorns Event: Skyforger, Wolfchant, Nothgard, Angeli Di Petra, Celtachor, Old Corpse Road, Ravenage, Annwn, Windrider, Desiderium, Shallow Intentions, Morlich, Cryptic Age, Aloeswood, Norderobring, Fjoergyn, Black Messiah, Maelstrom, Mekkwarrior, Northern Oak, Infernal Creation, Mael Mordha, Kull, Red Rum, Haerken, Gymir, Jaldobaoth, Sellsword, Forneus, Shades Of Avalon, Gods Of War, Iron Seawolf, Skyclad, Skiltron, Finsterforst, Mountains Crave, Solstice, Cnoc An Tursa, Firtan, Aklash, Elysium, Cryptic Forest, Manegarm, Saor, Scarab, Dothbogria, Tor Marrock, Countless Skies, Whispered, Dark Legacy, Stahlsarg, Scutum Crux, Stonebearer, Nyogtha, Ice King, Sathamel, Valafar, De Profundis, Daemona, The Infernal Sea, Fen, Darkest Era, Lagerstein, Arkham Witch, Necronautical, Voltumna, Martyrium, Sodomized Cadaver, Vehement, The Crimson Brigade, Heathen Deity, Skoll, Petrichor, Damnation’s Hammer, Lillith’s Keep, Mordrake, Scars Of Sense, Wind Rose, Isarnos, Kalmah, Obscurity, Aephanemer, Dark Forest, Opus Mortis, Atorc, The Prophecy, Fjords, Morpheus Rising, Na Cruithne, Ante-Inferno, Runemaster, Wyrdstaef, Hex Morbity, Kampfar, Nightrage, My Silent Wake, Satarial, Demonic Resurrection, Zornheym, Abduction, Trivax, Pallas Athena, Burial, Vanaheim, Agrona, Sininen, YYLVA, Andracca, Draugr, Deadwood Lake, Cistvaen, Solfyr, The Great Old Ones, Darkher, Dawn Ray’d, Formicarius, Cairiss, Bootyard Bandits, Elliot Vernon – The Flame, Footprints In The Custard, VLKA, ElvenDale, Akilla, Forlorn Hope, Winterfylleth, Womenowar, Frozen In Shadows, Denali, A Forest Of Stars, Aventail, Fellowship, Battle Born, Asira, Morgarten, Paranoiac, Argesk, Pythia, Wolfbastard, Elderseer, Masters Call, Bring To Bear, Thunawulf, Ravenhymn, Call Of Fenrir, Gwydion, Ruadh, Albion, Thy Kingdom Will Burn, Vansind, Syn Ze Sase Tri, Imperial Demonic, King Of The Dead, War Shepherd, Spirit Tree, Grimgotts, Heathen Kings, The Anchors, Blood Oath, Dal Riata, Sabbat Wolf, Pagan Sword, Misko Boba, Lowen Earthbound, Edenfall, Concrete Age, Theigns & Thralls, Hecate Enthroned & Waylander.

Band applications

Warhorns receives hundreds of bands applications every year. Since we do not have that many slots available, please don’t be disapointed if your application is unsuccesful, just try again the following year. As stated on our home page, ideally we prefer Viking, folk, black, doom or melodic death metal. That said, it’s not just about having good music, we also like bands that have a unique on-stage appearnce and capture their audience’s attention. Our events are not just limited to metal bands, we have also booked traditional music, folk bands and the downright unconventional in the past. It’s all about balance, if we think the Warhorners will like it - we’ll give it a go.

Contact us for an application form:


warhorns @ live.co.uk